Bank Compliance Courses

Bank Compliance courses, seminars, and webinars are an integral part of CFT training.  Federal Compliance issues are covered in the Annual Federal Compliance School held in St. Louis, MO and Hartford, CT each year.  Every banker is aware that bank regulatory compliance is the hottest issue in banking today, and CFT’s compliance programs are your most effective means of learning about the state and federal compliance regulations facing your financial institution.  Below you will find CFT’s current schedule of courses, seminars and webinars covering today’s bank regulatory compliance requirements:

Start DateStart TimeCourse TitleLocationCFT Credits
02/18/1602:30 PMTRID Compliance Hot SpotsLive Webinar0.25More Info
02/22/1602:30 PM15 Reasons Name and TIN May Not MatchLive Webinar0.25More Info
02/23/1602:30 PMFlood Insurance Compliance Issues and EnLive Webinar0.25More Info
02/24/1611:00 AMSignature Card Danger ZonesLive Webinar0.25More Info
02/25/16Director Education SeriesOn-Demand Subscription0.25More Info
02/25/1602:00 PMCompliance Perspectives Monthly UpdateOne Month Trial0.25More Info
02/25/1602:00 PMCompliance Perspectives Monthly Update6 Month Subscription0.25More Info
02/25/1602:00 PMCompliance Perspectives Monthly Update12 Month Subscription0.25More Info
02/25/1611:00 AMOpening Accts for Non Resident AliensLive Webinar0.25More Info
03/03/1611:00 AMBSA Emerging Issues for 2016Live Webinar0.25More Info
03/07/16AnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line0.25More Info
03/10/1602:30 PMBuilding and Improving Your Compliance CLive Webinar0.25More Info
03/16/1602:30 PMBest Ever Commercial Ln Compliance CklisLive Webinar0.25More Info
03/22/1611:00 AMNew HMDA RuleLive Webinar0.25More Info
03/30/1611:00 AMOpening Dep Accts Online CIP CDD W9Live Webinar0.25More Info
04/04/16AnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line0.25More Info
04/12/1611:00 AMFlood Insurance HotspotsLive Webinar0.25More Info
04/12/1602:30 PMCritical Issues on CD'sLive Webinar0.25More Info
04/13/1611:00 AMFCRALive Webinar0.25More Info
04/15/1611:00 AMBSA Managing Your AlertsLive Webinar0.25More Info
04/21/1611:00 AMRegulation ELive Webinar0.25More Info
04/22/1611:00 AMDevelop and Organize an Effective RDC CoLive Webinar0.25More Info
04/27/1611:00 AMTRID for Construction LoansLive Webinar0.25More Info
05/02/16AnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line0.25More Info
05/09/1609:00 AMBSA Compliance Review and Hotspots WorksWindsor CT0.25More Info
05/10/1608:00 AMRegulations DD and E WorkshopWindsor CT0.25More Info
05/11/1603:00 PMFair Lending WorkshopWindsor CT0.25More Info
05/11/1608:00 AMFCRA CRA Flood Ins WorkshopWindsor CT0.25More Info
05/11/1612:30 PMHMDA WorkshopWindsor CT0.25More Info
05/12/1602:30 PMBSA for the FrontlineLive Webinar0.25More Info
05/24/1602:30 PMMarketing and Advertising ComplianceLive Webinar0.25More Info
06/06/16AnyBank Secrecy Act (Self Paced Online)On-Line0.25More Info
06/07/1602:30 PMBSA Examination HotspotsLive Webinar0.25More Info
06/08/1602:30 PMReg CC Check HoldsLive Webinar0.25More Info
06/09/1611:00 AMSubpoenasLive Webinar0.25More Info
06/09/1602:30 PMNew Federal Rules Target Student Bank AcLive Webinar0.25More Info
06/21/1602:30 PMTILA RESPA Integrated DisclosureLive Webinar0.25More Info
06/21/1611:00 AMVital Check and Deposit IssuesLive Webinar0.25More Info
06/22/1611:00 AMCybersecurity and the FFIEC ExaminationsLive Webinar0.25More Info