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Reading Credit Reports to Prevent Application Fraud Webinar

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Webinar Description and Audience

It’s not what you know that will hurt you when lending-it’s what you don’t know! In a USA Today Snapshot entitled “Different Faces of Fraud”, financial professionals concluded that 19% of the fraud committed against their institution was on the front end of the application process. Learning how to read and understand credit reports is a lending basic. We will cover the Big 3’s (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) data and look at the good, the bad and the ugly of each. Learn what you can do to uncover inaccurate information before you and your institution become the victim.

Covered Topics:

Catching fraud before it happens:

  • Identity Theft Prevention must be part of your Red Flag Guidelines
  • How crooks use the system to create fake Credit Files
  • Shady consumers use legal Tax Identification Numbers to create new Credit Identities
  • Fraud Alert Products that work to reduce your risk

Using the right credit report will help you make better loans, and reduce you’re A/R:

  • Did you know there are credit files that make debt to income comparisons easier?
  • There are enhanced Credit Reports for collection and skip tracing purposes
  • Review National Social Security Number Searches Verification products
  • The Credit Reporting Service you are using may not be the best Report for your area!
  • Review and determine the best Commercial Credit Reports for your company.

Understanding and using credit scores to streamline the lending process:

  • Credit scoring when opening, monitoring, and closing accounts
  • Credit scoring to prioritize accounts receivable
  • Reviewing the factors that determine the Credit Score
  • New bankruptcy scoring models-will they work?

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance:

  • New Adverse Action Notices with credit scores
  • Disparate treatment of applicants associated with credit scoring,
  • RED FLAG Guidelines, requirements for fraud
  • Fraud Alert & Military Alert Notifications Requirements
  • Permissible Purpose and your application for credit
  • Consumer Disputing Your Data- you cannot ignore or just refer to credit reporting agency(s)
  • Disposal of confidential records
  • Accuracy & Integrity of Data- preventing re-pollution of credit reports and required condition compliance codes

Who Should Attend?

This informative session is designed for your CEO, President, Managers, Branch & Assistant Managers, Loan Committee members, Credit Analyst, Lenders, Compliance Officers, Collectors, Human Resource Director, Trainers, or any employee who uses, views, or stores sensitive consumer credit information.

Continuing Education Credits (CEC)

This webinar is recommended for 2.5 CE Credit Hours. Each attendee will receive a Certificate of Attendance for self-reporting of CE Credits.

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With this option, you will participate in the webinar (via the internet) as it is being presented. You will login to the webinar on your PC to view the PowerPoint presentation, and you have the option of using your PC speakers or a telephone for the audio. Participants can type and send their questions to the instructor. Many companies are now running their PC through an LCD projector allowing many employees to participate in the same room.


With this option, you will receive an e-mail that contains a link to the PowerPoint slides (to download, print, and copy) as well as a link to the media player where you will view and hear the entire webinar just as it was delivered, featuring the full-color PowerPoint presentation with audio. You can pause, fast-forward and rewind as needed, which makes it an effective training tool. The weblink will be available to you (and anyone else in the company) for up to six months and can be accessed 24/7 as many times as you wish. Delivered via e-mail the day after the webinar takes place.


If you do not have internet access or want to make the webinar part of your training library, the CD-ROM Recording is a great option for viewing a webinar. You can pause, fast-forward and rewind as needed, which makes it an effective training tool. With this option, you will receive a paper copy of the PowerPoint slides and a CD-ROM Recording (featuring PowerPoint presentation with audio) of the webinar via regular mail. Mailed 7 to 10 days after the webinar takes place.


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